Analyzing Global Recruiting Trends to Guide Efforts

By Denise M. Peters, Recruiting Process Owner-North America/Team Lead/Senior Technical Recruiter

LinkedIn Talent Solutions released an article in which they surveyed 4,125 recruiting professionals from 31 countries around the world on what they felt were the top global recruiting trends of 2014. Looking forward, analyzing these trends can help guide your recruiting efforts in 2015 to ensure you’re investing in the right strategies. 

When it comes to sourcing quality candidates for a position, according to the survey, the top choice for where to source candidates from has shifted. Social professional networks have become the fastest growing source of quality hires globally, increasing 73 percent over the past four years. And, 44 percent of recruiters feel that a quality hire is the most valuable recruiting metric. This year, it’s likely that social professional networks will still be the reigning source of quality hires, suggesting that candidates are more likely to listen to their own network of colleagues and friends when looking for employment.

If finding a high quantity of hires was your goal, the top source was internet job boards, most likely due to their ease of use and access. It’s likely that internet job boards will remain the top source for high quantity recruiting searches.

This year, we also saw the emergence of the concept of a talent brand. In the future, will see this as a growing priority for companies. It has become increasingly important in today’s highly competitive talent market to define your talent brand (how employees feel about the company, what your company brings to the table, etc.), and determine how to best promote that brand externally. 

According to the survey, a strong talent brand can reduce cost per hire by more than 50 percent, and can reduce turnover rates by up to 28 percent. Seventy-eight percent of global talent acquisition leaders said that talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent, and 59 percent say that they are investing more in their brand than they have in the past year. 

Where is the best place to promote your talent brand? Social and professional networks provide a clear place to display who you are and what you have to offer, while also allowing you to reach a large quantity of people all at once. 

Another valuable investment, according to 26 percent of recruiting professionals, is sourcing passive candidates. Companies should always aim to have both an active and passive candidate strategy. The majority of global professionals consider themselves “passive,” and many times, these are the strongest candidates. The best way to reach passive candidates in 2015 is definitely moving to social and professional networks.

Social and professional networks, employer brand, and passive candidate recruiting will all continue to be essential recruiting strategies this year, and are all strategies that CTG employs to ensure we are attracting the best and the brightest.  

We’d love to have you join our team if you are a candidate looking for a new employment home. Look for more information on CTG’s job opportunities, benefits, and CTG@Work here on under Careers.

Are you an active candidate in today’s market?  Where do you find that you look first for job opportunities?


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