Recruiters and Recruits Alike Can Look to 2015 Recruiting Trends to Guide 2016 Efforts

By Denise M. Peters, Recruiting Process Owner-North America/Team Lead/Senior Technical Recruiter

LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently shared their annual survey results on global recruiting trends. In 2015, they surveyed 3,894 talent acquisition decision-makers on what they felt were the top global recruiting trends heading into 2016. Understanding these trends can help guide the recruiting efforts for today’s talent acquisition professionals and ensure appropriate time investment in those recruiting strategies most likely to result in a quality hire. For the job seeker, these trends provide direction on not only what today’s hiring professionals are looking for in their search for leading talent, but where they are looking to find new hires.

One trend was apparent in the most recent results: a renewed emphasis on relationships. Those surveyed agreed relationships are more critical now than ever to acquiring top talent when competition for the best talent is high. These relationships are also showing to have a direct correlation to employee retention. At CTG, we know that it pays for recruiters to invest in relationships with their candidates post-hire, to continue to foster those relationships over time, and to keep our relationships in our long-term pipeline.

Tapping into the relationships of current employees and their networks also continues to be important part of the relationship equation and survey results show that employee referral programs are on the rise, with 32 percent of responders stating that these referrals are their preferred source. This is most likely due to the fact that referred employees tend to have a longer tenure, and higher job performance.  At CTG, employee referrals have always been one of our top sources for new hires. CTG promotes all open opportunities through internal communication channels and actively asks our current team members for referrals. Our own results have demonstrated that candidates are more likely to listen to their own network of colleagues and friends, and current employees are our best advocates. Sixty-two percent of LinkedIn survey responders agree, and say that an employee referral program is a top priority.

Beyond employee referral programs, the top place for both recruiters to find candidates and potential recruits to find employers remains the leading social professional networks, with internet job boards a close second.  Again, emphasizing that relationships and connections are key.

As in previous years, quality hires are still considered the most valuable performance metric, with 39 percent of responders in agreement. However, despite the continued focus on quality, the urgency to fill roles at an ever-rapid pace has resulted in a slight “time to fill” increase – a trend worth watching closely, as rushing to fill positions has potential negative impacts on how suited a candidate is to a position.

While most survey respondents agreed that quality of hire is the key metric for performance measurement, there remains inconsistency in how it is measured.  Companies use one on more ways to measure, including new hire evaluations (50 percent), hiring manager satisfaction feedback (43 percent), and long-term metrics like employee retention (49 percent). Only 33 percent of these professionals feel their methodologies are sufficient leaving much room to improve how this key performance indicator is measured in 2016.

The trend of “talent branding” for hiring organizations remains strong in this year’s findings. Talent brands have become increasingly important in today’s highly competitive talent market and allows organizations to define what makes their organization unique to potential recruits.  At CTG, we have invested in, and continuously hone, our “talent brand,” to ensure that we are consistently communicating who we are and the high-value job environment we provide to our employees. It would seem we are not alone; 59 percent of LinkedIn survey respondents say that they are investing more in their talent brand this year over last year.

An emphasis on relationships, the importance of social and professional networks, and clear and concise talent branding will all continue to be essential strategies in the 2016 talent market. 

Are you an active candidate in today’s market? We’d love to hear from you!  Where do you find that you look first for job opportunities?

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