Application Services

CTG’s Application Services provide clients with a full range of solutions designed to maximize the value of enterprise software, with services that include development, deployment, integration, optimization, and application management and support.

Through our integrated and flexible portfolio of Application Services, CTG helps define clients' business needs and decide on the right software to meet them. Our technology experts team with vertical industry specialists to examine and evaluate existing technology, application portfolio, and data architecture.  We then use that information to deliver solutions that range from requirements engineering, selection and implementation of packaged software, to the development, deployment, testing, support, and optimization of applications, including mobile, cloud, and web software.

CTG also supports the full lifecycle needs of managing enterprise software, from rollout to subsequent updates, conversions, hosting, and helpdesk activities.

While CTG's Application Services span a full range of enterprise software platforms and applications, we have also amassed deep experience with cross-industry platforms such as EHR, CRM, and just-in-time logistics.

When a client need can not be satisfied with a commercial product, CTG’s Application Services teams have the capabilities and experiece to develop specialized applications to meet a specific market or client need. A few examples include:

  • CTGTalk, ICS, and ECMS – CTG’s just-in-time solutions were developed to meet the unique logistics needs of several large diversified industrial clients.
  • CTG's Disclosure Management Solutions (DMS™) – CTG’s proprietary lawful information disclosure solutions support our telecommunications clients.

Based On eXperience (BOX) Methodologies

Every CTG software project is regulated by rigorous project management and delivery methodologies. CTG’s proprietary Based On eXperience (BOX) methodologies are product and platform-neutral to further support the seamless integration into existing systems to achieve overall process improvement. 


  • Development
  • Deployment and Implementation
  • Integration
  • Upgrades
  • Optimization
  • Application Management and Support


CTG’s Application Services practice maintains active partnerships in Europe with MicrosoftNintexMetalogix, and