CTG provides a full range of offerings that, collectively, address many of our clients’ most pressing technology and business challenges to make technology work for you and deliver real business value.

CTG’s capabilities ensure that our clients are utilizing the right IT to meet their business needs, maximizing the value accrued from their IT systems, and operating in the most efficient and effective manner.

CTG’s flexible offerings can be delivered using one or more of CTG’s four available delivery approach methodologies, allowing CTG to meet the unique needs of each client.   

All offerings are supported with proven program and project management processes and tools that ensure the reliability, transparency, and accountability that CTG clients have come to expect.   

CTG provides capabilities in the following service areas:

Advisory and Planning

Supports our clients’ needs to evaluate, select, and design new technology, align technology and business strategy, and optimize technology for improved performance and benefits realization.

Application Services

Provides clients with a full range of technical support to maximize the value of enterprise software, with services that include development, deployment, integration, optimization, and application management and support.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensures new and legacy technologies are rigorously verified to meet business requirements and industry standards. CTG delivers full testing programs for clients or can help clients assess, develop, improve, implement, and automate their own programs, as well as provide testing training and certification.  

IT Services Management (ITSM)

Ensures the right processes, people, and technology are in place to support business goals. Offerings support our clients’ needs to deliver IT services in a more effective and efficient manner and future-proof IT to deal with changing business dynamics and threats with services including help/service desk, ITSM process improvement, technology and infrastructure implementation, disaster recovery and business continuity, and IT infrastructure outsourcing.

Information Management

Helps our clients manage and derive greater value and competitive advantage from data with services that include business intelligence and analytics, enterprise data warehouses, data governance, disclosure management, master data management, and legacy data archiving.

Regulatory Compliance

Assists our clients in understanding, preparing for, managing, and mitigating risk related to government regulations and industry standards. Offerings include audits and assessments, validation, and program management for highly-regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services, as well as cross-industry data privacy and security requirements.   

Strategic Staffing

Addresses our clients’ needs ranging from staff augmentation and volume staffing to fill specific technical skills gaps, to fully-managed solutions to improve recruiting quality, speed, and cost. CTG also provides comprehensive vendor management and preferred-supplier solutions to help clients achieve significant improvements in managing contractors and technical support processes.