Lee O.

Lee O.
Company title: 
Executive Briefing Center Manager
Years at CTG: 
Artesia, New Mexico
Current City: 
Vail, Arizona
Favorite food: 

I start my day at 4:30 a.m. every morning with some daily chores, feeding my horses (I have three: Golden Sassy Dancer, Piper, and Valentine King), dogs (Boots and Snuffy), goats (Valentine and Clark), and chickens. Then, it’s off to work at our client site, an Executive Briefing Center, where I work as the Briefing Center manager. It’s smooth sailing to get there, though occasionally I run into a traffic delay—cows in the road. The office is quite a change of scenery, but most of my global clients have known me for years, and always expect me to bring some southwest flavor. They’ve even known me to wear cowboy attire to a briefing.

A large part of my work involves full briefing coordination for our client and business partner sales teams. It’s my job to identify our potential clients’ IT environment and propose the best IT solution, based on our products and sales account team objectives.

I make sure the agenda I created is comprehensive and addresses all client requirements, and provide solutions to their short- and long-term goals. I do a quick check to make sure that the correct subject matter expert (SME) is selected for the briefing, and that the SME calendar within the Test/Development community is up to date and managed. Then, it’s making sure that everything for the briefing is completely set up, including media, catering, hosts, and the SMEs on- and off-site. When SMEs are unavailable in the area, I help facilitate a virtual briefing for our sales team and clients to log on and engage them in a virtual environment.

When the potential clients arrive, I facilitate the engagement. Today’s briefing is a single-day engagement, though sometimes they span several days. Once this briefing is complete, it’s on to planning the next one.

I take a break for a catered lunch—yum! Then, it’s back to work.

The afternoon involves some maintenance on our Store Sales Database, identifying opportunities, tracking progress, and reporting closed revenue generated. Then, it’s doing some facilities management work. I’m responsible for our facilities, media equipment maintenance, and overall maintenance of a $3 million facility.

It’s a lot of work sometimes, but it suits me. I especially like that it leaves me time for my hobby—rodeo! I participate in events in Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. After I retired from 21 years of service with the United States Marine Corps, I kind of stumbled into CTG, and have been with them for 12 happy years.