Diversified Industrials

Our services enable our clients to reduce working capital requirements; improve productivity; minimize risk associated with health, safety, and environmental regulatory compliance; and, better utilize logistic and transportation assets by integrating scheduling and tracking operations.

CTG provides IT services to a wide range of diversified industrial clients including oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics, steel, automotive, and more.


Oil and Gas

CTG offers IT offerings across the energy cycle—from inception of the field to delivery of the final product to the customer—in areas that include exploration and production, transportation, supply and logistics, marketing and retail, and business support. Our consultants have decades of experience in the industry successfully delivering projects in upstream and downstream business and providing our clients with a wide variety of services including information security, system implementation and management, and web-based data/information management solutions to address industry-specific activities including exploration, distribution, and regulatory compliance.

CTG currently provides one of the world’s seven "super major" oil and gas companies with business process analysis, design, change management, and other services to help generate real business value across multiple areas, including projected savings of $700,000 in logistics; savings of 500 man hours per refinery; and savings of 60 percent in staffing for global exploration operations.


Manufacturing and Logistics

CTG has more than 20 years of industry experience providing enterprise-wide business and plant services and processes for many of the world's most successful and innovative companies. CTG helps our clients improve operational efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer service. We support our clients using advanced business intelligence, innovative methodologies, industry best practices, complex levels of process control and, in some cases, custom-developed, just-in-time technologies. A few examples include: 

  • CTGTalk™ – This easy-to-implement, cost-effective voice technology integrates seamlessly into existing systems. CTGTalkTM works in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse environments with unprecedented voice recognition accuracy to provide the highest increase in productivity, accuracy, and cost benefits of any single solution in the industry.
  • Electro-Coating Management System (ECMS) – This web-based, cloud-ready order management system was developed for large suppliers to monitor real-time orders, order sequencing, order fulfillment, and inventory data (on-site and remote), using numerous types of devices, in order to quickly respond to changing client needs. Integrated financial components and built-in EDI capabilities make reconciliation activities more efficient, significantly reducing error and labor costs.

CTG’s ECMS application is currently in use by Systems Electro Coating, one of the key suppliers to one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, providing just-in-time product delivery, real-time inventory management, notifications, alerts, and automatic order sequencing.  

  • Inventory Control System (ICS) – This highly-customized warehouse management system was designed to increase customer service, warehouse velocity and throughput, space utilization, and productivity, as well as reduce the complexity of warehouse management and overall operational cost. ICS leverages state-of-the-art automated material handling equipment, provides strategic reporting, and interfaces seamlessly to other systems, devices, and material handling equipment.

CTG’s ICS application was originally developed for one of the largest globally-distributed convenience food companies in the world. Today, the system is installed in approximately 231 sites (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Portugal), including 35 plants and 196 distribution centers.



CTG also has significant expertise and experience applying process control and information technology within the steel industry supply chain. CTG’s steel industry professionals have worked with more than 50 steel companies on hundreds of projects in countries around the world. Our solutions and services optimize steel operations by focusing on product quality, throughput, and improved asset management. CTG maintains an active membership in the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST).



CTG offers our automotive clients a broad range of IT services, ranging from managed helpdesk services and second-line office support, to supporting the software development lifecycle by implementing software testing processes and test automation. CTG also supports our customers in implementing CRM systems, resulting in enterprise operational and sales efficiency improvements.