Based On eXperience (BoX)

In recent years, many companies have begun to recognize the importance of a structured software process to help minimize the risk of unreliable software deployment. Many organizations seek to identify a method that:

  • Is pragmatic, flexible, and workflow-driven
  • Is simple and comprehensible, yet complete and consistent
  • Is suitable for all different kinds of projects (from new development to project maintenance to one-time iterative development efforts)
  • Is effective in different environments and for different application types
  • Integrates seamlessly with their existing methodologies and frameworks
  • Is aligned to internationally-accepted standards

Most of today’s available methodologies fail to meet these critical success factors. Lack of a pragmatic workflow and incompatibility with current international standards are major sources of disappointment.

In response to this IT deficit, CTG developed our own methodologies that we call "BoX" (Based On CTG eXperience), which allow our consultants to work in a structured way and enable quick project starts. These methodologies are a collection of best practices, techniques, and templates assembled in a structured, easy-to-understand format, and can be tailored to the unique needs of each client.

One example of the different types of BoX solutions by CTG is STBoX™, (Software Testing method Based on CTG eXperience). STBoX™ is a pragmatic, workflow-driven testing approach, designed to significantly reduce the risk of deploying unreliable software. STBoX™ is a collection of proven best practices and is based on the major international testing standards promoted by ISTQB. This comprehensive testing methodology provides hands-on guidance for all aspects of software testing.

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